Thursday, September 30, 2010

Endhiran/Enthiran/Robot/Robo Reviews from around the World!

Get ready folks

Verdict is out... It's a Super duper Hit !!

Robo/Endhiran/Enthiran - Rave reviews from all the leading Bollywood critics and dailies...

Glowing reviews from North Indian media keeps pouring. I think this is a first time south Indian movie is getting this kind of attention and adulation.. wow..

Go to this blog to read all the reviews,  this is the first a Rajnikanth/Shankar film is getting this type of attention.

Times of India  gives 4/5

IBN Rajeev Masand -"Thoroughly enjoyed Robot. Wish it were shorter, but greatly admire the imagination & ambition of the dir. Shamelessly good fun. Rajni rocks!"

NDTV - Anupama Chopra- " Robot is a riot. Nothing in Bollywood matches the visual of hundreds of Rajinikanths forming a snake. Full review tomorrow on NDTV."

Taran Adarsh "Watched 'Robot'. Falling short of words to praise the film. Rajnikant is The BOSS. The real BAADSHAAH."
PankajSabnani - "Just watched Rajnikanth's 'Robot'. It's excellent. Review tomorrow."
 Aniruddha Guha -   "Jus bak frm a #Robot screening. Wat a brilliant film! Shankar's vision n Rajni's histrionics come together in 1 of r best films
its like nothin u've ever seen before in an Indian film"

Galata - Amazing Rajini Shankar creation

Endhiran review from Reva  TV reporter from Malay

Here is IBN live feed of special press show - This reporter goes gaga over Robot/Endhiran...

Another review from Envazhi

Interesting take on Endhiran from Amuthan Vinayakam from London

Note: These reviews don't have any spoilers.