Monday, December 01, 2008

India's politicians!!

They will never accept their mistake.
Think only in terms of vote bank.
Keep making the same mistake and play with civilians life. After all they get the top security not the ordinary man why bother.

So it's no wonder CM of Kerala Achuthanandan made this statement ''But for slain major, not even a dog will visit his house'' when the father of slain Major Sandeep refused to meet with politicians.

So much for the CM from the India's top literate state.

There are more questions then answers. I don't have any hope from this present government.
On top of this we have this news that US warned India about such attack.

Be scared be really scared about India's future.

Yadha raja thadha praja.

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Shuuro said...

this is simply outrageous, he has no right to hold public office. people of kerala must teach him a lesson.