Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Google's Chrome !!

Just now I downloaded the beta version of Google’s new browser Chrome.

Very simple interface with what now have become standard features of a browser that is multi tabs, importing your bookmarks etc. What’s interesting though with this one is if one your browser tab crashes whole browser doesn’t crash down instead the only the affected tab closes, thanks to multi process browsing. Talking about tabs, unlike IE and FF, Chrome puts the tabs on top of the browser window above the address bar. The dynamic tab is really cool. You can drag and drop tabs one over the other or as a separate window.

Another cool feature is incognito or the stealth browsing mode that allows you to browse without logging your browsing and download histories. But remember the websites you visit will still have records of your visit. And all your saved downloads will still remain in your pc.

Chrome also shows your recent visited sites in nice thumbnails. Cool heh? But this was done long back by opera.

And regarding memory I think FF uses lesser memory than Google chrome. The Chrome browser itself uses about 75MB now if you open few tabs 5 to be precise , the total memory is around 200MB for the same with FF it was just around 100MB so hopefully this will be sorted out.

No add-ons feature as of now.

Since it’s only a beta version some websites might not display properly. So unless you’re a power browser user/developer I would say wait for the bigger better power version of chrome.

Of course this is just the beginning we will be seeing better version of chrome very soon, well hopefully.

How this will affect Mozilla’s and Internet Explorer's market share, we will soon know the answer to that question.

Let the browser war begin..

To download Chrome go here


David Gerard said...

"We are so, so happy with Google Chrome," mumbled Mozilla CEO John Lilly through gritted teeth. "That most of our income is from Google has no bearing on me making this statement." - http://notnews.today.com/?p=57

Ganesh said...

Hello David

Thanks for dropping by.
Well John had to be a good sport, afterall they are being by funded by Google.

David Gerard said...

I bet you he's considering including AdBlock Plus in Firefox 3.1, though.

Prasanna Gopalakrishnan said...

Just visited your page from elsewhere. Nice blog...

Chrome really is very exciting, with a very simple interface. Also, its a great starting point to a lot of very good features..

Lets hope it gives way to a lot more innovations!