Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wall-E -Review

Saw Wall-E on Friday with family and friends. I am a big fan of Pixar and have most of their movies in my DVD collection. Just when you thought how Pixar would out do Ratatouille they again break new boundaries with Wall-E. And without doubt best of Pixar's movies till date.

With this movie Pixar has established a de facto standard when it comes to animation. Wall-E is easily one of the best comedy/romantic and family adventure to hit theaters this summer. Off late too many animation movies are out there with all Jazz and no meaningful stories.

In fact with Wall-E both Disney and Pixar has taken a risk with this unusual approach of a story line that many critics wondered if it will fly through the audience. But I can tell you when I watched the movie on Friday the whole theater was cheering for the tiny robot. Director and writer Andrew Stanton (Finding Nemo) has done his magic again.

So what's the story about?

Imagine what happens if human beings left Earth that has become a junkyard only that they forgot to switch off the last robot?

The movie works at so many levels dealing with excessive consumerism and ecological disregard for our environment. But the best thing is it doesn't sound preachy. At the same time is able to please audience of different ages. All in all it's a must see family movie.

Final verdict: Wall-E is a WOWIE 5 Stars!!

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