Thursday, June 26, 2008

Goodbye and Good luck Bill

This coming Friday Bill Gates will leave Microsoft for good after 33 years of amazing work. Love him or hate him Bill Gates certainly leaves a mark in the PC world. It’s amazing how this small company that was started in 1975 by Harvard College dropout Bill and his friend Paul Allen has come to dominate the world of technology.

I personally think the genius of Bill Gates is not just the ability to know about stuff and grasp of technology. Rather his genius lies in understanding the market. And he knew how to advance and press his products in the mind of consumers and business alike. Any product however good they may be would go nowhere without smart marketing and PR. He always got that right. If today every house on the earth has a PC well almost, all is due to this man. Even though some in media and his rivals try to portray him as some mean spirited guy, Bill is also well known for his philanthropy. After leaving Microsoft, he is going to spend more time with his charitable foundation.

It will be interesting to see how life will be at Microsoft without this man. Will there be another Bill Gates in the near future? Only the future will tell.

So thank you Bill Gates for Windows, Word, Excel etc and also for making the IT industry interesting.
As far as his legacy goes well it’s only a click away.


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