Friday, June 20, 2008

Fire Fox 3 and Opera 9.5!!

I downloaded the new fire fox version 3 on June 17th. One thing that was noticeable right away was that Firefox 3 is much faster than Firefox 2. Thanks to the new Gekko 1.9 engine.

Firefox 2 used to crash a lot; so far Firefox 3 hasn’t done anything like that. The new Firefox 3 comes in with lot of goodies. It has restore session, built-in spell check and integrated search etc. Another new feature is smart location bar/The Awesome bar (Fancy name for the good old address bar). Every time you type in a URL it will automatically search through your browser history and presents a drop-down list of recently accessed pages with that same keyword. Download manager where you manage your downloads with pause and resume. You can also search past downloads.

And most importantly security related features are part of the build, which means you have the best of antiphishing protection. And best of all it is free and available on variety of OS.

And one more thing is unlike IE Firefox doesn’t’ require a system reboot.

As far as speed is concerned I still think Safar is much faster than Firefox and other browsers.

Opera also has release its new version 9.5 I also like Opera, many of the features that we expect as standard features in a browser such as tab, mouse gestures, integrated search box, session saver all came from Opera much before any other browser. And top it with a killer interface. But the major turn off for me is that most of website are built around with IE and Firefox, doesn’t work well with Opera. That’s a shame considering all those cool features you get with opera. But Opera is now positioning themselves as mobile browser. Opera is the first mobile browser to pass the Acid 2 test.

But one important thing to note is Firefox no longer supports Windows 95, 98 and Me.

Note: Tipping point reported vulnerability in the new version in Firefox 3 around 5 hours after its release. What a Bummer!! But it require users initiative so stay away from shady links..

If you are still using IE, it’s time for you to get with rest of the world

Click here to get the Fire Fox 3 or try Opera 9.5

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