Monday, June 16, 2008

Dasavatharam a review of reviews

Now that Dasavatharam, the much hyped up movie has been released, blogosphere is flooded with reviews. Unfortunately I happened to read some of these so called reviews. Oh boy in the name of reviewing some of these bloggers are pretty much describing the movie scene by scene giving the entire plot away. Why can’t they review the movie without giving away the plot? Anyway I am not planning to watch the movie in theaters. There is no way I am paying $20/ticket to watch the movie in a crappy theater with lousy sound system. I think desi distributors are getting over greedy. I will wait for the DVD.

And I am also skeptical with these over hyped movies especially after the debacle of Sivaji and Billa. Instead I took my family to watch Kunfu Panda, very enjoyable kids’ movie.

I used to be a big time Kamal fan, those where the days; religiously following Thalaivar’s hair style dress code etc. Now I am just a fan of good movies that’s all.

The last Kamal movie I saw in theater was Vettaiyadu Velaiyadu. I was in for a shock, to see my favorite screen icon turning up as over bloated sagging old man. The make up didn’t help at all.

The worst part was in the acting department no expressions in his face.

As if he had Botox. Perhaps he wasn’t interested in the project or something went wrong.

Or is it just me who can’t face up the fact that my favorite actor is after all a human who happens to go through cycle of time just like rest of us. I wish both Kamal and Rajini takes up role like Big B that suite their age. Thankfully they don’t play the college dudes anymore.

Anyway getting back to the topic these are the only reviews at least in my personal opinion were good and make an interesting read.

In no particular order

Ten Questions by Lazy Geek

Dasavatharam - The Butterfly Effect by Robbiezaps

Dasavatharam – by Prabhu Karthik

Dasavatharam and the Art of Disguises by Maami’s Web log

(Maami’s has an interesting take on Kamal himself)

Kamal X Kamal - Interesting review by Baskar in News Today (Towards end he gives away the plot so read only the first half of it)

And finally our own sirippu mannan Praveen's review of the movie- As always had me rolling on the floor.

To me personally Sagarasangamam/Salangai Oli is still one of the best movies of Kamalji.


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