Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Dasavatharam - courting controversy?

Kamal Hassan’s latest movie is now getting all kinds of attention especially from religious group.

Blogger Kannabiran Ravi Shankar aka KRS has dissected the movie from the trailers, songs, promotional clips and stills ?

KRS says Kamal has twisted the truth and played with historical facts?

Mainly with regards to the conflicts between Shaivaites and Vaishnavites.

I have just seen the trailer only once. The trailer doesn’t give away much except for the fact that Kamal appears in 10 different roles with one prominent Vaishnavite role?

Kamal and controversy always go hand in hand?

First Hey Ram then Sandiyar aka Virumandi and now Dasavatharam following the same route. Let's see how this one turns out ?

Note: KRS blogs in Tamil so if you can’t’ read Tamil sorry!!

While we are at this topic here is another useful read by blogger Mrs. Jayasree saranathan who writes about the spiritual aspects of the cosmic unity between Siva and Vishnu.

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Anonymous said...

Sir, It is well known that Kamal Haasan is an anti-Hindu. His movie "Anbe-Sivam" proved it, wherein Nasser is shown as a staunch Shaivite, who always praises Shiva but at the same time, is a bad character. He sends men to kill Kamal, but he shows that after being hurt in an accident, Christian Sisters helping him. These scenes are nothing but small missionary propaganda, to show Hindus are bad people, and Christians are kind and merciful. Simply to brainwash kids to take up Christianity/Islam. Kamal deserves a great refutation from knowledgeable people.