Tuesday, March 18, 2008

RIP: Arthur C. Clarke

(16th, December,1917- 19th March 2008)

One of the best known science fiction writer ever Sir Arthur C Clarke passed away in Srilanka, his adopted home country. He was 90. A huge loss for all science lovers.

Arthur C Clarke, The author, scientist, space expert and underwater diver was one of the most prolific and renowned science-fiction writers, publishing more than 30 novels, at least 13 short-story collections and 28 works of non-fiction.
He was considered as technological seer and godfather of telecommunications satellite.

His most famous novel and my personal favourite was "2001: A Space Odyssey," which was also then filmed by brilliant Stanley Kubrick. It's a must read for every science fiction reader.

Clarke was a visionary, many of the stuff he has written like Space Travel, Bioengineering, Artificial Intelligence, geostationary satellites and other stuff that has now become scientific reality.

If you have never seen or read 2001 space odyssey click here to watch it in flash video form. And do watch the movie or read it.

Here is a speech given by Mr. Clarke on his 90th birthday.

Sir Arthur C Clarke: 90th Birthday Reflections

Goodbye Sir.. wherever you are , peace be with you.




Shae Shae said...

Ganesh - Thanks for writing about Mr. Clarke. I was browsing for his books just last week in a local store. Apparently he has written quite a few books on 'Rama'..or based on Ramayana...!

Big Loss to the Sci-Fi world.

Ganesh said...

Yes Shae

Quite few books with Rama on the title, but its more about spaceship.

But not sure he has written about Ramayana.