Monday, December 17, 2007

Billa -- No Thrilla...

Yesterday I went with my friends to watch a Tamil movie called Billa starring ‘Ultimate Star’ Ajit.

This movie was supposed to be a remake of Rajni starrer old Billa (1980), which in turn was remake of old Hindi movie Don (1978), which in turn was remake of …. Forget it.

To describe this movie in one single word it was ‘Dud’…

Throughout the movie men wearing shades keep parading in Armani suits and keep exchanging suitcases ? Nice suitcases by the way. I wish I could get one of those as part of exchange program.

Ladies in bikinis, tight leathers and they walk on with high heels so tall, that itself is a risky stunt. Oh, let me guess, walking with designer clothes, wearing shades, gelled hair, high heels these are all supposed to make the film look like Hollywood ?.. pathetic

And as usual cops are shown as big losers, typical desi movie stuff...

Anyway Ajit simply walks, repeats his line like a zombie.

In the first half of the movie his dialogues were mostly bunch of sounds like hmm, um aah.. ?!! he looked totally out of place, uncomfortable.

If Ajit continues to act in these kinds of roles, I guess he will be getting the most consistent wooden actor of Tamil cinema.

And what’s up with that unshaved dirty look. There is no character differentiation between the Billa the boss and Velu the commoner, only time I was excited is when they rolled the credits.

It was so pathetic even writing about is boring. The only saving grace is good photography and 2 good songs. But you can't expect people to come and watch this crap for the sake of cinematography .

I simply don't understand why Bollywood and Kollywood is obsessed with remakes…?

Hopefully results of Don and Billa will put an end to this remake nonsense.

So to sum it up; Stay away from this stinker movie...

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