Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Happy Independence Day !!

Wish you all a Happy 60th Independence Day.

I haven’t had any chance to update my blog for the past several weeks due to a family medical emergency. But with God’s Grace things are better now. I also made a short 5 day visit to India.

And managed to talk and meet with Prabhu Karthik, Srivatsan and Mukund. NV Sir was in town but due to time factor couldn’t meet him. Things have changed so much in these last 5 years in Chennai. Lots of ‘More’ factors. Traffic congestion, more buildings and hoardings. If I were to stand still for 5 mins. I am sure someone would stick a poster or hoarding on me. Walking on the road could be the most dangerous and adrenaline experience. Traveling in a 2 wheeler or a ride in Auto is the best Xtreme sport experience ever. Despite all this Chennai is Chennai.

Ramblings will continue later...

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Gopinath Sundharam said...

"Traveling in bike/auto is an Xtreme sport experience" - 100% true. I loved it! :) Chennai is (and will be) always THE Chennai.