Monday, June 18, 2007

Sivaji The Boss - Experience

Finally last Saturday I got to see 'Sivaji the Boss' with my family and friends around 40 people all together at a DC theater. I guess ours was the biggest gang there.

The last Rajnikanth movie that I saw in theater was Padikathavan in Udhayam, when I was a kid.

After that haven’t had the chance to watch any of his movies in theater. I wanted to experience the festive atmosphere. Oh boy!! I got so much of that and much more.

The show was to start at 8:00pm; I went in 2 hours early, thundu pottu seat pidikkathan.

I thought I was the first one, oh boy! I was so wrong there was already a big crowd.

And then festive atmosphere started. We had some TV crews interviewing people, screaming fans, ladies and curious on lookers.

Very soon serpent like queue started. As soon as they opened the entrance, like a flood gate, our guys/ladies everyone started running like crazy, ennavo Indira/Vijaya/Krishnaveni theaterla padam pakavandhamadiri oru feeling. It got only much crazier after that. Somehow we managed to get good seats. I had to pinch myself to make sure that I was still in DC and not in Chennai..

To experience the zeal of Rajni fans, one has to watch the movie on the very first few shows. Oldies and romantic couples, better stay away for another few weeks.

Anyway, soon the movie started with crazy fans going nuts … 'Thailavar Vaazhga, Star Star Super Star, thank God I got some cotton buds that saved my ear drums.

Before going to the main part, if you are looking for an out and out masala entertainer with grandeur songs, fight scenes and to top it all great looking Rajni this is the movie.

Stop… if you are a Rajni fan please hit the back button now .

Proceed further at your own risk I will try not to reveal the plot too much. I guess it doesn't matter anymore

And if you happened to be Director Shankar or writer Sujatha Sir, kindly proceed to the 'Office Room'.

"Aaa Office roomlo waitcheyandi…." ippudu choodu....

Office Room (inside the benda kayattara factory)

What the #@%*&^ was Shankar and Sujatha was thinking. You guys had 2 years and all you can is come up with this lame story?! And parade Rajni Sir with different hairdos. Gee, for these last 2 years fans have come up with better imaginary plots.

Has Shankar run out of ideas or has he played safe ? Is thailavar too much for him to handle. What a waste of golden opportunity. Directors Ravi Kumar and Vasu have done better jobs minus all this hype or high tech.

Even though there isn't any typical Rajni intro, I thought it was going to have something different. The only thing that was missing from the movie, was the story.

You got the songs right, you got the fight scenes kind of right. Great graphics.

And a young dynamic looking Rajni.

But why this cheap 'Paazhagipakkalam vanga joke' ?

With the scenes shifting between the comedy track and the main story in the first half. It actually dragged . Instead of hero trying to win over the heroine, they should have focused on the story . Impact of Rajni losing wealth would have had better impact with audience.

Oh no! Instead you had Solomon papaya parading his daughters and cheap jokes. And top of it all thailavar's punch line is done by Vivek. Enna kodumai idhu Saravana !!..

Sothapeetangaleyaa….. Sothapeetangaley …..

Because of this goof up, the second half felt little too rushed, and a lengthy climax.

The Boss impact was lost in that process. But still I clapped and cheered for Rajni.

The saving grace of this movie is song picturization , music , vivek comedy and finally the Super Star himself.. He alone carries the movie forward, he rises like a phoenix in the second half.

Rajni Sir has done some new styles here. Looks great and athiradi song is well athiradi. Man, Rajni rocked in this one. That's a repeatu mamu..

And finally Boss ‘Mottai Boss’ totally rocks!!. That last half hour alone saves the movie and an electrifying atmosphere takes over. Man that need to be experienced in the theater.

I only wish Mottai Boss comes throughout the movie with a better story line.

Sivaji the Boss is the Emperor with no clothes on…

Sad disappointed Rajni fan…

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ramji said...

Hi All,
Mr.ganesh review is over, his expectations are very High.Its really a nice movie..with shear line of message(Block money).Shankar has done it well.Sujatha's dialogue is also very nicely penned.Songs are really worthy one,especially vaaji vaji and Athiradi.Moreover Motta Boss really who steal the show and rocks.Very Gorgeous Sheraya and Camera..settingsetc..The painful efforts really conceived lot.Really Sivaji is All time favour all.