Friday, March 16, 2007

Musical Journey 4-Mrugayatha Radha by Sangeetha

It's been a while since I posted about musicians/singers.
Last week, I was recording a song with my friend and singer Sangeetha.

The song presented here was recorded live as it is, kind of warming up session. I didn’t actually plan to upload, but Sangeetha has sung it so beautifully, I wanted to share it with you folks. Sangeetha is an amazing singer. She also sings for Washington Sruti. Few years back she was one of the semifinalists in the 'Sapthaswarangal'.

We have done a lighter version of the original song; I just played the basic rhythm and chords. I will be uploading a full orchestrated version very soon.

About the song itself, the song was composed by Saint Sri Narayana Thirthar.
Sri Narayana Thirthar lived in the early 17th century. He is the illustrious author of the "Sri Krishna Lila Tarangini". Sri Krishna Lila Tarangini is the finest and longest Nritya Nataka of Sanskrit language and consists of 12 tarangas.

Song: Mrugayatha Radha Madhavam
Singer: Sangeetha Seetharaman
Composer: Sri Narayana Thirthar
Raagam: Behag

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Neeraja said...

Hi Ganesh

You had mentioned to me about this new song when i met you after the DC concert. I enjoyed it.Good job Sangeetha, i always feel you sing each song better than the previous one.

Good luck to both of you on your efforts.

Ganesh said...

Thanks Neeraja

KAMYA said...

Sangeetha you have sung this song
very well.What is your next assignment?Anxious to hear that.

Srinivas said...

Very nicely sung. Keep up the good work.

Sushma said...

I recently happened to come to Art of Living Bollywood music journey was there I heard Sangeetha';s voice for the first time when she was singing some malyalam song along with kids. At that instant I feel in love with her voice. she really had a gifted voice and she sings so beautifully that i want to listen to her songs again and again. Next day I searched in internet with her name and I happened to visit this site. this song is awesome and hearing this is as soothing as honey. She sung this song very well. its awesome. Please try to record more songs with sangeetha and post it in this site. we will be more than happy to listen again & again. BTW Ganesh you have composed the music very well.

ஷண்முகப்ரியன் said...


chennai gal said...

Hi, It is abeautiful song, and a nice rendition, can you please send me the lyrics for this song. Thanks.