Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Little Super Star

I think most of you by now would have guessed what I am about to write, if you still don’t know you must be from some other planet. Who would have imagined that a Tamil movie clip would become an Internet phenomenon. This was pretty much last year news.

If you are still wondering what I am talking about just play this clip below.

This is one of top most viewed video in youtube. Not only that, there are even parody clips of the same. And people remixing/mashups different songs to the same clip. Not to mention it got featured in E! news, MSNBC and in plenty of websites. There is even one website trying to cash in on this.

The movie name is Adhisiya Piravi. It came in 1990, a typical Rajinikanth's funny masala film.

The little person in this video goes by the name ‘King Kong’ (no pun intended).

Many blogs and websites have mentioned him as ‘Thavakalai’, which is wrong. Thavakalai was another little person, who was introduced by Director Bhagyaraj.

Anyway King Kong is now an international star. I only wish someone from Chennai/Kollywood post his interview.

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