Monday, January 29, 2007

Padal Srikanth's New Album

I am happy to announce that my friend and composer Srikanth’s new album Padal got released on Jan 26th. This is his fourth commercial album.

Padal features 10 tracks in Tamil, ranging from youthful to romantic, humorous and classical songs.

The album is enriched with many invigorating voices including the famous playback singer Karthik (Boys fame) , along with Vidyu , Alisha and others.

It also is a debut album for many talented new singers like Siddharth, Harini, Suresh, Chenthil, Babu, Kumar, Cornelio, Miguel and Maha. Besides, the album also features lyricists and instrumentalist from USA.

I have also had the honor of singing backing vocals for one song.

It was such an awesome experience working with Srikanth. I was extremely nervous, but Srikanth put me at ease with his jokes. And the recording went very well.

In those 2 days of recording I learned so much about voice modulation and expression. It was a great experience for me as a musician to sing under him.

I have known him over the past 8 years. I first met him in tfmpage, an online music discussion board. What always amazes me about him is his spirited energy at trying different things in music. Most of us after 8 hours at work would just want to take it easy once we get home. But not Srikanth. He stays up late every single night working on some new ideas or instruments in his studio. His perseverance in chasing his dream is commendable. I am very sure we all can expect many more great albums from this talented person.

Here is a summary from the title card.


1. 18 Vayadhu – Alisha, Maha & Harini, - Lyrics: Sriram & Srikanth

2. Kadal Ache – Karthick [India], Lyrics: Sriram & Srikanth -Backing Vocals: Cornelio, Miguel

3. C.H.E.N.N.A.I - Siddharth & Alisha, Lyrics: Srikanth –Backing Vocals: Harini, Sridhar, Ganesh, Shankar, Srikanth

4. pal maNakkudhu – Siddharth, Backing Vocals: Suresh, Sridhar

5. Nila Charal – Vocals: Kumar & Harini, Lyrics: Priya, (Jathi: Santhanam)

6. Vellaiku pogamAten – Vocals: Suresh, Lyrics: Srikanth, Backing Vocals: Sridhar, Shankar

7. Serial Killer: Vocals: Chennthil, Babu, Lyrics: Arun Vaidyanathan

8. Love Girl - Vocals: Vidyu, Lyrics: Priya & Srikanth

9. Nadodi - Vocals: Siddharth & Vidyu, Lyrics: Udhaya.

10. Instrumental – Flute- Raman , Piano/Keyboards: Srikanth

Music Composed and Produced by

Performance Credits:
Guitar: Suresh & Rick, Flute: Raman, Mirudangam: Gopinath, Ghatam: Giridhar, Handsonic & Darbuka: Srikanth, Tapatai/Drum: Karthick,
Keyboards & Programming: Srikanth

You can listen to the samples and buy the album online at Tamiloviam.


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Shankar Nagarajan said...

Hi Ganesh, thanks for writing about Padal. It has been an enriching experience for all of us. BTW, check out my blog