Thursday, January 04, 2007

A Day with Washington Shruti

Happy New Year to everyone. And thanks for your feedback.

Last Saturday was quite an interesting day for me. It was a day of many 'first'.

I did a live show after a very long time. It was also for the first time I worked with fellow bloggers and musicians Anup (Lead and Bass guitars) and Sam (Keyboards) on a live show.

Sam is an amazing keyboardist, click here to find out for yourself.

It was my debut performance as a sound engineer for the famous local band, Washington Shruti. They have some amazing singers and multi talented musicians. Special thanks to Prakash and Raja for giving me this opportunity. Mixing a live show is a difficult job considering the variables like the hall’s size, acoustics, speakers etc. Thanks to some valuable tips from my friend and musician Srikanth, I managed to keep the show going smooth and unruffled. It was challenging yet a rewarding experience.

I am also happy and proud to announce my dear friend Srikanth Devarajan’s next album Padal is due for release on Jan 26th.

This is the first time I am singing for him. More on this exciting project in my next post.

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