Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Dreams.... !!

I am back after a looong time.
I recently made a trip to west coast. It was just awesome. I love SFO and Malibu,
such a wonderful place with great weather of course minus the cost of living. Wanted to meet NV Sir and others but because of time constraint didn’t happen. Hope to see them again in my next trip

Now to the topic
It was always my dream to own a state of art Workstation. Finally got it realized.
I recently bought Roland Fantom X. It is just an amazing product. You can pretty much do everything with it Sequencing, Sampling and great sounds.
I have never worked with such gadgets before, but Fantom X is very easy to learn, but still have to spend lot of time to get familiar with the patches and other features.

This is my full fledged instrumental track with proper orchestration. In this song Dreams, I have tried somethingdifferent, Indian folk meldoy with R&B and Smooth Jazz feel.

I am dedicating this song to my good friends and fellow musicians Aditya, Srikanth and sound engineer Bharat Venkat.

They are always there to help me with all those composing related techniques and questions . And Robbie was after me for a long time to get this one. Hope you like this one buddy.

The entire song is sequenced using Fantom X sounds. It was such a great learning experience. Building a song from scratch (melody,chordprogression,rthym,bass runs)is a daunting task but after initial hiccups it is now more like labor of love. I am still learning the art of composing, mixing and mastering.

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As always your valuable inputs and suggestions are most welcome.

Music Update: Jay Krishnan’s maiden album Jaane Jaan is now available at CDBABY . Do listen to his songs and encourage budding artists.

Finally wish you all a Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays.

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