Sunday, August 13, 2006

Lost in Love

If you are wondering about the title, there is a story for you..

I wanted to try composing a musical score based on a story. So I imagined about two lovers who got separated in their romantic life, but the past love life’s bitter sweet memories keep haunting them. Sometimes those memories are sweet yet at the same time they also fill their hearts with sorrow and pain.

This is my first attempt at background scoring, it is not perfect but your feedback is most welcome. I wanted to add more layers to the music, but due to time constraints, I have only used minimum orchestration.

Hope you all like it and relate to the theme.

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Vidyu said...

Hey Ganesh,
awesome composition...I am not sure abt the mixing..but the melody is really nice...wanted it to go on and on..:)
Good luck and make more music!

Ganesh said...

Thanks Vidyu
for your kind words.

Pradip Somasundaran said...

Ganesh. Absolutely marvellous piece in terms of the melody. I got the full mood and was lost in imagintions along with that painting! Very romantic and soothing. What is the keyboard you use? It has amazing tones! The base, piano tones & guitar tones are just awesome.
Only flaws are your playing. Seems you did it manually, so there are missed notes and tempo errors here and there. next time use quantisation to make the notes in time with the tempo.
Wow! Ffantastic nostalgic feeling. Feel like listening again and again. There lies the success of a composer and a tune!
You have a brilliant composer's brain too.