Monday, July 31, 2006

On whose side ?

Many a times we hear people of all walks of life saying ‘With God by my/our side nothing to fear or bow to none’. In fact this has been used over the centuries to justify war, conquest, down to personal dispute.

Now my question is how does God decide to choose ?
Are we ready to accept His/Her decisions just on good faith ? Or are we to question God’s decisions ?

I consider myself a spiritual person, but at the same time whenever someone says with ‘God by my side’ , it makes me ponder. On one hand I can appreciate the person’s immense faith, at the same time I wonder about the ego involved there. This person is so sure that God is on his side he doesn’t want to consider the opinion of the other side. What if the other person or side is correct?

Now let’s take a scenario, there was this man a pawn shop owner who is very religious. He won’t start any business without praying to God. One fine day as usual he prays to God to have more people come into his pawn shop.
Now in the other side of the city there was a thief who also prays to God before every heist. So on that day the thief decides to rob the pawn shop, prays to God for His blessings. And he successfully robs the pawn shop and thank God for His blessings.

So now whose side is the God on ? The pawn shop owner or the thief ?

Like to know your thoughts on this ..

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Anu Mahesh said...

I do not think "God is on any one's Side." Personally, I think that there is God within each one of us. When pawn shop owner prays, he "calls" on the goodness within himself to do the things that would let him achieve his goals. In the same way, thief also does the same thing (even though he is robbing others, which is ironic!) Like Josef Campell said in his "Power of Myth", we are all the gems in big ball of fate and we reflect off each other. One person's downfall may bring properity to other, but we do learn the lesson of ultimate truth (and reality) through that experience. That is how we reflect off of each other. This is my humble answer. Do Not know whether it is correct!!