Friday, June 23, 2006

Expressions of a desi systems analyst

A comedy post after a long time.
One of my friend send me this, it was too good to pass on, so here it is
For those who don't know Mr. Brahmanandam, he is one of the most popular comedy actor in Telugu movies.

Here is Mr. Brahmanandam expressing the various stages in the life of a desi system analyst. He! he !!

On Bench

Maintanance Project -Changes are coming once in while

Requirements are not clear -Client is sending mail to management even for spelling mistakes in the client communication.

Wrong build is delivered to client

Coding is over and build is about to deliver to testing team

Critical Bug is fixed in no time. asking the tester to test it.

Trivia: Did you know,Mr.Brahmanandam used to be a popular lecturer in a Government College at Attili in West Godavari district before entering the film world.


SK said...

Truly a laugh riot!
Thanks a lot!

Ganesh said...

SK you are welcome

visithra said...

hehehe hillarious - with those expressions i imagine the students had loads of fun

nullity said...

really funny...nice thinking....