Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Blogswara is here

Its alive its alive finally...

What started as a discussion in my comments section has grown out into full fledged album and reality today. All credits goes to brother Jo, who took this idea seriously and made it a reality. His hardwork and persistence has made this happen.

Imagine this, bloggers from across the globe decide do an album
Forget the logistics and technicalities, the sheer effort needed to get these many people together itself is a great effort. Hats off to you Jo, you rock!!.

The bloggers from different walks of life grad students, software professionals, housewives have united with a single purpose in mind , amazing isn’t it. Such wonderful team effort.

I am borrowing Mux words here “Blog swara is a trend setter for music to come from the internet age. People stay where they are; create with other people who stay where they are and impact millions who stay where they are. In the end everyone is touched moved and inspired. True power of net!”

So friends please do visit blogswara and listen to all of the songs.
You words of encouragement will be much appreciated.

I am so happy, honored and proud to be part of this great team.
Thanks to blogswara, for introducing so many amazing talents like Murali, Anup,Ajay, Ajit and several others. Looking forward to work them in the near future.

This will be my first music album, I have had experience of working with artists across the globe before but this is the first time an entire album is being made like this.

My special thanks to blogger, friend and amazing guitarist Anup Menon for working on my songs and helping me out in mixing.
Meera Manohar- amazing singer with unabated enthusiasm for perfection
Udhaya – he plays with words or rather words are his friends.
Ajay - awesome lyricist from UK.
Mukund and Robbie for the valuable inputs and suggestions.

And finally special thanks to my family for being patient with me for spending most of my weekends for this.


Sowmya said...


Excellent. Check my post to see what I mean :)


Jo said...

Buddy, it wouldn't have been possible without the efforts from you guys!

And thanks a lot to you for your full co-operation and support. Being a family man, your time spent for Blogswara is highly appreciated. :-)