Sunday, April 09, 2006

Saidapettai Mannaru !!

I am back .. with a surprise

This is a unique effort by Thennavan, myself and Robbie.

I guess this must be the first time a Ghana song is being attempted by bloggers.
There are a couple of unique things about this. This is a mix of a skit followed by a rustic Ghana song.

A genuine attempt by bloggers with basic equipment.

We had a great time doing this. Hope you guys enjoy as much as we enjoyed making it.

The story behind the song will be a separate post by itself. :)

Skit Idea: Ganesh and Thennavan
Lyrics: Thennavan and Robbie
Music by Ganesh

powered by ODEO

Voice over:
Mannaru – Thennavan
Kabali – Robbie
Annathe – Ganesh

My special thanks to my wife and kid for being patient with us for the duration of this epic attempt. We are all yet to recover from the rustic voice exercised for this entire effort ;)

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