Thursday, April 13, 2006

My Daughters First Poem

Today my daughter slipped something into my bag and asked me to open it after reaching my office. I assumed it to be one of her paintings. But was pleasantly surprised to find a poem written(as expressed to my wife) by her.

This is what she said

Flowers bloom,
Birds sing,
Robins steal cherry from every barn.
Roses bloom,
Horses run,
Nature is beautiful
Spring is fun for all.
Hope you all have a happy spring and happy Easter.

Last week we took her to the Cherry blossoms but never thought she would come up with something like this. I guess kids these days say the darndest thing ;)

Btw Wish you all a very

Happy Vishu

Happy Tamil new year (putthandu vaazthukkal)
Happy Baisakhi
Happy spring festival

And many thanks to you all for your kind words and encouragement on our Ghana effort.
thanks again.

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Srijith Unni said...

Wish you the same, Ganesh!