Thursday, February 02, 2006

What’s going on ?

Past few weeks have been really busy with so many things. It will be like that for some more time. I can already hear you guys saying ‘Adhe pallaviya padatheenga’ (not the same tune) but what to do. But I promise you there is lots of good stuff to come.

Anyway, I am also working on my songs for Blogswara album. I will be doing 2 songs on this album.

I have not done any serious composing before this, not that I am big composer or something. But for this album I have put some extra effort and I am learning so much about sequencing, mixing and all that. Hopefully you guys will like it.

What else I have moved all my audio files from to cast post and also planning to use bloggers audio posting. So if you are looking for my earlier audio blog files, you wont be finding it.

I am currently uploading them you can listen to them in my audio blog section. Let me know about the quality of the sound. For those who had problem with the audio, please do remember you need to download macro media player to listen to the songs. Since all my audio are streamed. ‘My musical journey’ will continue with more new artist so be patient for now.

À la prochaine

Until next time..


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