Monday, February 20, 2006

Harris Jeyraj Inspires my Kid !

All these days my daughter has been watching me record songs for blogswara.

I could not concentrate with her pestering me nonstop so I decided to put an end to the trouble and asked this 5 year old to sing something. I expected her to sing yankee doodle or jingle bells instead this is what I heard.

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After this, I will always think twice before listening to anything in front of her.


ROBBIE said...

damn! I was expecting her to sing vaseegara:P. I am looking forward to listening to her sing your composition instead of movie songs in the near future. I would also like you to sing a duet with your wife.

mysorean said...

Dear Ganesh,

This is my return to Blogosphere after a long time. More than a month it's been since I was around here.

And the return has been really worthwhile listening to your daughter's voice. Amazing! I am just stunned at her rendition!

Please post more of her voice. I am already her fan!!


ada-paavi!!!! said...

not bad, i pretty much expected this song, and she has song well, post some more of her songs

Ganesh said...

Adi Sir

Thank you.

@Vatsa-podarenpa ;)nalla muthugala nalu podaren ;),

Injikadan Mathai said...

wowowowowow....superbb...nice voice control and she is on scale...awesome effort...ganesh u should definitely put her on training

Sowmya said...


Another singer in making from our family and following her dad's footsteps.

Meera Manohar said...

I echo Anup's comments.. I was zapped to find her singing with proper intonation, in perfect scale and tune!!!

Maybe she should be intorduced through Blogswara


Kaps said...

autograph please

monu said...

cho chweet..

Ajit said...

i have a 4 year old cousin at home too who's been singing all these latest filmi hits.. and yeah.. these days, kids seem to be able to match and keep up shruthi so so so easily.. I learnt to do that only a few years back!!..
very well sung i should say...!!

.:: Rosh ::. said...

awesome...very sweet the way she says kalaapa kaathalaa..hope to hear more songs.

Ganesh said...

@anup and @meera -thanks for your inputs

@kaps-hehe :)

@monu @magiclens-thanks

@ajit-yeah it was surprising.

Jeevan said...

your kid has very sweet voice, expect more sings fron u r kid, What is her name?

IBH said...

awwww! :) very sweet!

yeha Kaps ketta madiri

Autograph kutti :)

Anand Prabhu said...

wow..amazed by her singing :) ganesh superaa padi irukaanga... she seemed to have listened to the song a zillion times...super expressions :) and perfect scale...

well done kutti..:)

Tara said...

oh my god... such a sweet voice.. and the tunes fit in so perfectly .. i doubt if i can sing!!!!keep it up baby!!! and catch up on all the songs at .. they have an extensive collection of songs..