Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Voice Over and a New Song from Jay Krishnan

Last few weeks have been hectic, work wise and music wise also.

In-between I had a chance to lend my voice for an independent movie made in Europe.

Man!! voice over is not an easy thing to do.

It’s currently in post production so cant’ reveal much detail. More on that later,

For now enjoy the new song ‘Nathi Sellum Pathai’ by my friend Jay Krishnan.

Jay has composed an awesome melody , but the real star of this song is Alisha Thomas,

I had the fortune of introducing her to my friend and popular musician Srikanth when he was looking out for a new voice. I am so happy for her. Wishing her more and more success in all her musical endeavors.

Song: Nathi Sellum Pathai

Lyrics Udhaya
Click here for the lyrics

Singer: Alisha Thomas

Composed by Jay Krishnan

Click here to listen to the song.

To listen to her other songs please visit Srikanths website.

My favorite of her songs is Bharatham and Daddy’s Girl she is so good in bringing the variations whether its English or Tamil.

And for a person who is born and brought up in US and whose mother tongue is not Tamil, her pronunciation is perfect. The best example is in Srikanth’s latest album H1Bees, there is one tough song called ‘Thedi Thedi’ especially the lyrics, but she has sung it effortlessly.


Krishna said...

That was a great piece of work...

I cam across your blog from Harish's.
Your works with Jorn were very creative ..
i myself am a for-hobby-singer (classical) .. check out my blog incase you are interested ..


PS: I tried publishing a comment earlier but the connection got stuck .. (just in case this got published more than once) ..:)

Injikadan Mathai said...

hey ganesh...ur right...i have heard her songs with srikanth...she is surely an awesome talent...nicee song by jay too

why said...

hey there!
by the way i have put a link to one of your posts in the description for the newest episode of my podcast...

check out
Sal Mubarak http://tinyurl.com/d8bjw

Matt said...

Thanks for the links, nice post.

By the way I like the new design :)

Saranya Kishore said...

>>In-between I had a chance to lend my voice for an independent movie made in Europe

Ayyoo.!! Oru range than pola neenga!! :))

Heard Alisha. Supppper!

Ganesh said...

SK thanks yaar.