Monday, December 19, 2005

My Musical Journey – 3 : Jorn Lavoll

Dear friends and fellow bloggers this week, I am proud to introduce to you my friend and musician Mr. Jorn Lavoll from Norway.
Its a very interesting story as how I met Jorn. It was in the summer of 2000, I started uploading my compositions to as Premadona., was where lot of upcoming musicians showcased their talent to the outside world. Myself, Jay Krishnan, Srikanth and Aditya all have uploaded our songs there.
And that’s how I stumbled onto Jorn’s wonderful music. Jorn is a multitalented personality. Jorn, a former drummer of popular European rock band "kings of convenience", is not only interested in music but also performing arts. He recently directed his first independent movie Aqua Vitae/FLS soon to be released world wide. Jorn did his BA in Music Theater Arts and completed his Masters in music composition in USA. Apart from being a drummer, Jorn is an accomplished piano player and the list of instruments he can play goes right from native Indian flute, guitar, taiko drums to what not. The last time I spoke with him, he started on Kanjira the Indian drum. Jorn specializes in composing and arranging music for Jingles, Games, documentaries to full length feature films and he also licenses sound samples. His jingles have been used by Axe, Discovery Channel, History channel, VH1, Oprah Winfrey, Nike, ABC Family and many others.

Jorn divides his time between composing music and being theatre director at College of Bergen, Norway. Jorn is not only an accomplished musician, he is also a trained martial art teacher and a taichi master.

Jorn does all kinds of music but one of his specialty is ambient music.

So ladies and gentleman , I present here some exclusive sound samples showcasing his talent in different areas of music.

The first song I am going to present is the one done by both of us.
I composed this song way back in 2000. I send over the musical score to Jorn. The awesome atmospheric and ambient sounds you are going to hear is due to Jorn’s unique way of arrangement. And we proved that distance and language is no barrier, for music is the common language between us.

Salute to Mother -
Original Score and Vocals-Ganesh
Conducted and Arranged by - Jorn

This song reached top 5 in the New Age music section in site.

Jorn is also interested in working for Indian movies so if you are a producer from Bollywood or Kollywood looking out for an international composer, he is your Man.

Next Song is Colibri- beautiful acoustic guitars with Vocals, with DSP effects added to it.

Film Scores And Documentary


Beautiful female choral vocals with an ambient surrounding. This was used by History Channel.

Movie End Credits - Name says it all.

Stoet- Mysterious score with excellent atmospheric effect . Those who are new to ambient music this will initiate you into it.


Coffee- If you are from Europe you will instantly recognize this score , it has been played on MTV, even on Oprah.

For further information about Jorn please do visit his blog and web site, you can listen to more of his music and upcoming films there.

Note: You will need a good head phones to enjoy these music.


Injikadan Mathai said...

Salute to mother: Very nice mix of classical and a touch of nostalgia in the music...very pleasant

Colibri: MY rocksss man..seriously this one would be great if you can give me the tab for the arpeggio that is looped..i cant name the raga but i was just fooling around with my guitar and i think a solo with a classical raga might be sweet with this..

Revisitation: I like this kind of stuff..reminded me of theme music for movies..very nicely done and awesome recording

Movie end credits: Awesome work...

Stoet: Peaceful, mystical, sublime...summing it up..AWESOME

Ganesh said...

Thanks tailgunner
please do visit Jorns site
He will answer you query regarding the arpeegios and loops. I will also send you some peice you ca work on guitar part of it.

Shrutkeerti Khurana said...

Hey Ganesh,
Thanks a ton. Audioblog is paid right? I was actually looking for something that was free, if possible. I only have a couple of songs that are recorded. Amateur stuff.

Btw, rocking blog. Music & more music. :) Love it!

Shrutkeerti Khurana said...

Thanks a ton :) Will check it out and keep u posted :)

Yeah Harish's blog's gotta lot of stuff that helps people like me..his voice is awesome. Truly.

Okie me hurries to sleep coz I have class tom :) Will drop in a message once i get the audio thingy working :)

Will keep droppin into ur blog as well now that I know where u've been hidin ;-)

Shrutkeerti Khurana said...

Dude u made my day :)

Castpost works like a charm :)
A little slow at times but AWESOME!

I'm happy :)

Shrutkeerti Khurana said...

Hey G,
Will send it to ya...

:) & Thanks :)

And really, u did make my day, dude :)

Shrutkeerti Khurana said...

Yup, learnt it for a couple of years till my 10th. After that switched over to Western in my engg college days ;-)

How'd ya guess?

Krishna said...

Vaanamazhai was really good ...
very creative ..