Thursday, December 08, 2005

Break !!

Dear Friends and Bloggers thank you all for your continual support and appreciation for my blog and my musical journey.

Due to personal reasons and work load, I am taking a break, the musical journey will continue after Dec 14th. There are more artist(s) to be featured along with an Grammy nominated composer and an ex drummer of popular european rock band kingsofconvenience. So stay tuned.

Meanwhile enjoy this awesome music, this is an amazing legendary rocker with an legendary Indian violinist who also happens to be one of the world top 5 violinist.
watchout at 3:00 mins. into the song, some mind-blowing performance by the violinist.

So can you identify who is the rocker and the violinist ?

For those who are rock maniacs will identify the singer from the picture but did you get the violinist ?


why said...

oh, one more thing...

have you ever heard the music of Rajhans Orchestra?

it's a unique combo of carnatic and western classical... i've been a fan of theirs since 2000

check them out:
(go to the audiosamples link to hear them...)

Ganesh said...

Yesha thanks for dropping by
I will listen to them.

Injikadan Mathai said...

hey ganesh..i think the guiatrist is carlos santana and the violinist is his i right???

Ganesh said...


its Frank Zappa and L Shankar