Sunday, November 13, 2005

New Beginning !!

Begin your new day with Lord Ganesha'€™s Blessing
All the ill will, hatred, jealousy let it all vanish
Let there be happiness and prosperity in everyone'™s life.

May Lord Ganesha Bless Us All.

Gajaananam bhoodha ghanaathi sevitham
kabhitha jamboo palasara pakshitham
umaasutham sokha vinaasakaranam
namaami vigneswara paadha pankajam

He who has the face of an elephant, one who is worshipped by the Bhooda ganam, He who eats the essence of kabitha and Jumbu fruits, He who is the son of Uma Devi and He who alleviates the ill feelings in us. O! Lord Vigneshwara who is an embodiment of all the above, we offer our Namaskarams at your Divine feet.

Can you identify the raga ?!

For those who would like to know more about Lord Ganesha click here

Note: Let me know if you can hear my childs sneeze in the background. For those with slower connection kindly be patient for the audio blog to load.


Padmasani said...

Ganesh your Om is awesome. Loop it and give it to me as a CD. Voice sounds very good there.

The ragam is Nattakurinji but it deviates at (vinasa) Karanam.
Shruti sneezes atumasutham.:)

There are pronunciation mistakes in the sloka but over all its good.

The Bhavana with which you have posted this matters as a good will genture. Therefore it is important and cute.

Ganesh said...
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Ganesh said...

Padmasani thanks the whole point is to move forward, this slokha just came to my mind. I will be more than happy to correct my mistakes on pronunciation if you can mail me how to chant it.


Archana said...

Very nice to hear someone say an Indian slokha after a long time :-)! Really good audio blog!

kitchenette soul said...

Dear Ganeshji
Beautiful. You have a perfect voice for shlokas. Good clear pronouncation too. I don't know much about classical music. Just love to listen especially if I understand the lyrics. The explanation also thus helped. Get Shruti to join in too next time.

Swahilyaji may bring copies of my book to the US. Is it possible to reach it across to you?

Ganesh said...

Dear Kitchenette sould

Thanks, sure since she is coming to the east coast, she can mail it to me.

brotherbill said...

This is a wonderful site, as is Cosmic Consciousness. I will provide links to them at my blog. The recordings are my favorites. I wish you well. Keep up the good work. Prayers, Bill.