Sunday, November 06, 2005

My version of Vaazhvu Sezhika Song (Audio blog)

Finally after a while, here is my version of Naryanan Venkitu's song.
Naryanan Sir came up with wonderful lyrics and his own tune also.
This was sung beautifully by Jo. And fellow bloggers Ambi and Prem Abraham came up with their own version.

I initially composed 3 different tunes to meet the mood and justify the lyrics.
This one is based on Sahana Ragam though I have not strictly adhered to it.
I will also upload the other versions along with background music.

Kindly let me know how you liked it.

Lyrics :Naryanan Venkat
Song Composed and Sung by Ganesh

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Anonymous said...


SP said...

Hi, Ganesh,
I just noticed you had taken the trouble of writing a comment on Naadhopaasana. Thank you so much. I definitely intend to write more, but had been caught up with work recently. Anyway, I visited this blog of yours and found it very interesting.Also liked the song. Keep up the good work! One more thing - I've left you a very nice tongue twister in your other blog. Check it out! Bye.

Shankar Venkataraman said...

Hi Ganesh,
Really liked the song and the recording!!! Keep it up!!!


Shankar Venkataraman said...

Hi Ganesh,
Good one!! I might not be able to comment on the details of the Sahana usage. But I enjoyed it!!