Sunday, November 27, 2005

Musical Journey Part 2- Aditya Ayyagari

Dear Friends and fellow bloggers this week, I am happy to introduce another wonderful composer and a good friend of mine Mr. Aditya Ayyagari. Thanks again to TFM website, where I met Aditya, our love for music and Vedanta ended up making us good friends.

Aditya works as a R&D Director for a leading process management solutions company by the day and pursues his passion for composing music by night. He currently lives in Detroit with his family.

Aditya, a native of Vijayawada , Andra Pradesh comes from a musically rich paramparya and family of veena vidwans. His father Sri Ayyagari Syamasundaram is an exponent and reputed Veena Vidwan of Andhra Pradesh. His music heritage belongs to Vizianagaram Sampradayam which is well known for its Manodharma Sangeetham.

So it is only natural that Aditya took interest in classical music at a very early age. Aditya himself has given many concerts back in India. At the same time he was also very much interested in composing.

After coming over to US, his penchant for composing was stronger than before.
To complete this process, he underwent training in western music. Apart from Veena, Aditya is also adept at playing 12 String Guitar, Sitar and Keyboards.

Aditya is currently working on many musical projects including films.

I would love to present the latest songs from his album, but due to the on going post production work and the album being released very soon,
I am presenting here with few of his instrumental songs .

Having listened to his pro work, all I can say is you are all in for a musical treat.

Nada Veena Wonderful Veena performance by Aditya.

Rain – A simple melody Celebrating Monsoon with fun.

Fire- One of the important element among panchabootham, Aditya uses funky rthym with electronic sounds and ambience.

Life - Here the music takes us through the grand journey from womb to tomb.

All songs are Composed arranged and performed by Aditya, recorded at his home studio.

Please do not forget to leave your valuable comments and feedback on how you felt about Adityas music. And do visit his blog
You can also reach him at

For best listening effect please put on your head phones and listen to the music. Those with slower connections, please be patient for the songs to load.

Post Note: All the songs featured in my blog are all copyright protected and being presented here in streaming form, with the artist’s/composer’s exclusive permission, so please bear with me for not providing mp3 downloads.


Wondering said...

Thank you Ganesh I was able to listen to the music from your blog.
Have a nice day


Swahilya said...

Hi Ganesh, I'm here at Chicago now. My sister Priya, here, has also given a Veena album with our teacher, Kalpakam Swaminathan. It is called Nada Veena. Hope some meeting happens with all of us here who know each other through the blog, some day when I am here. I have brought my Tirumandiram CDs and Swami Akshara's CDs and books on meditation with me here.
Do keep in touch and who knows, we might all be able to meet up some time!

Saranya Kishore said...

Sweeet!! :)

Eppadi irukeenga..? Long time. :)

Ganesh said...

Hi SK long time no see,
I am doing fine how abt urself ?

Swahilya said...

Hi Ganesh, finally I listened to all the music, Shloka upward. Interesting!

IBH said...

how are you?

why said...

Hello Ganesh,
I got pointed to your blog via, and let me just say, thanks so much for showcasing unique artists! I really enjoyed hearing the music of Aditya and of Jay Krishnan... In fact I'm talking to Aditya about using his music in my podcast! (it's called Generation 1.5 and can be found at (along with many other shows)

look forward to more tunes!