Thursday, November 17, 2005

Musical Journey Part 1 - Jay Krishnan

Dear Bloggers and friends I am very proud and happy to introduce my friend, Mr. Jay Krishnan.

I met Jay way back in '98, thanks to TFM Page where I also met fellow blogger, friend and popular musician Srikanth. We immediately struck a cord and started discussing interesting stuff about music. Our love for music ended up making us good friends.

Jay is a multitalented persona. He is a soft spoken unassuming humble down to earth individual.
Jay is an awesome composer and an avid photographer. In fact he has just completed a course in professional photography.

Jay is originally from Kannur -North Kerala, Jay learned classical guitar during his school days and learnt to play the keyboard without any formal training. He enjoys rich ambient and electronic sounds and this will be very evident once you listen to his music. His music is very soothing and pleasing to the ear.

I have been pestering him to start blogging and finally he relented. Please visit his website and leave your valuable comments.

I take this opportunity to showcase his talent for the first time on my blogsite!
Here I present two of my Jay Krishnan favorites.

Song Name : Panithirai
Sung by : Radhika (from New Jersey, her maiden song)
Lyrics : Udhaya (great lyricist, again thanks to tfmpage, many composers like Srikanth, Jay have used his lyrics, he also writes songs in English also)
Do visit his blog.
Composer : Jay Krishnan

Song Name :Tanha Dil
Singer : Anurag Varde
Lyrics: Shruti Tewari
Composer : Jay Krishnan

All songs have been recorded in his home studio. I am sure one day Jay will be as famous as his cousin Vineet (he acted in kadal desam, pudhiyamugam, chandramukhi, may madham etc )

Jay currently lives with his wife in Hoboken,New Jersey. During the day, just like the rest of us, he is a data base administrator and in the night he jumps into the world of photography and music. Jay also has done jingles for Zee TV USA and has done background score for film maker Arun.

Jay is currently working on his album and looking for a good Hindi lyricist and vocal talents, so if you are talented and looking to make your mark as a singer or a lyricist visit his blog and send him an Email.

Click here to go to Jays blog

He has posted some of his breathtaking pictures at
Let this picture be testimony for his incredible talent
The All American Way
Update: As famous blogger Lazy Geek and many others have requested for more of Jay's songs here is the link where you can listen more of Jays composition.
Listen to Alive highly recommended for faster groove and techno paced song.

Folks please do visit Jay Krishnan and let him know your thoughts



ARUN said...

hi, sorry to post a comment not related to this, i am in process creating desi bloggers directory 2006, so drop ur blog address at

also tell ur frens to add there blog......

Wondering said...

Woow, Very nice music (I dont understand tamil so donnow what the lyrics meant) and the photos were so nice..I loved the three yellow flowers floating in water under Misc category.
Thank you a lot for letting me know abt this blog.

Will link to this blog :) Nice reading
Thank you

sudha said...

hi, looks like you have removed the link to the pani thirai links.. if i want to listen to it - is there a curent link?