Thursday, November 10, 2005

Doggie O !!


Ganesh said...

This self test

Parvati said...

Dear Ganesh: Oh Thanks a lot for the new template. I am able to comment myself and also am able to see your comment.

So I am assuming that it works.
I am quite glad. Because as always I have a lot to say.

Though these kuttis in the photos make me speechless.

They are lovely, and the photos are great.

Are they your pets?

Ganesh said...

Parvati, glad this one is working.
And these are not my pets.

thennavan said...

Ganesh, kilappitteenga. Indha template is very good :-)

Ganesh said...

thanks mukund then I will stick with this one

Archana said...

Very cute doggies!

Ganesh said...

thanks archana
unfortunately its not mine :)