Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Power of Yoga

[Pic courtesy Washington Post, 87 yeard old Ms Tao performing difficult Mayurasana]

Last week there was an interesting article in Washington Post about what is the good age for doing yoga. The beauty of yoga is that anybody can do it age is no bar. And here is the proof. Look at the above picture. Ms Tao Porchon-Lynch, 87 who came to DC for yoga demonstration last week performed one of the most difficult asana Mayurasana (peacock pose) .

It seems Ms Tao has been practicing yoga from her childhood. And she also happens to be the first American female student under the famous Indian Yoga Master
B.K.S. Iyengar. For those who are wondering who is this, especially those from India? He is the one who popularized yoga in the west.
America has adopted Yoga as its own while in India, the land from which this great ancient Hindu science of Yoga came from is not that popular and is even considered little outdated.

Check this out according to the 2004 Harris poll commissioned by
Yoga Journal, It is estimated that 7.5 percent of U.S. adults that is some 16.5 million people practice yoga;
Many Hollywood celebrities like Madonna, Sting and Gwyneth Paltrow, American Super Model Christy Turlington are big time yoga followers.

I learned yoga from a yoga school in T.Nagar Madras, I mastered around 14 asana including Mayurasana, but I haven’t keeping up my practice off late. The only asana I am doing regularly is
Savasana. He! He!

This picture has inspired to me to get back to my yoga lessons.
Hopefully it will inspire you also to do the same.

here to to read the exclusive cover story Time magazine did on Yoga.
And check out the amazing poses done by Christy Turlington, hmmmm !! :)


Ganesh said...

Self test

sraks said...

hi gans started blogging again

ram.c said...

that is an interesting and difficult pose, I guess... @ this age. Hats off to that young(!!) lady...

Ambi said...

The above post was from me. I dont know why it is showing some junk values there.

prabukarthik said...

she is 87? amazing. i too shud learn yoga gannu bhai. do let me know whom and where shud i contact.

uma said...

yoga has been marketed well in the age of well too it is a craze ...i too am inspired