Monday, October 17, 2005

Lost And Nowhere to Go

Imagine this, you are out of your office on a Friday evening after a long and tiresome day at work. You get on a train/bus/car whatever, then after awhile, ZAP! Your mind goes blank.

You can’t recall anything as to what were you doing in that train, you have a vague memory of where to go but do not know how to get there. You can recall your name and few things but your mind seems to draw blank every time you try to remember ?

Scary scene isn’t it ?

Well this is what happened to a guy we met this weekend.
I went to Metro to pick up my friend. My friend happened to meet this guy in the train. Being a fellow desi, he smiled and quickly got into a conversation with this guy to find out he is also from Chennai. But once they got out of the train, things got weird for my friend. The guy didn’t even know how to use the card to get out of the station, and worse he said he wanted to go to X city but was in the opposite end of the city. Initially my friend thought he must be new to the city and must have got lost but soon found out that things are not quite all right with this guy. Then he called me to help this guy out.

The young man was tall good looking and normal just like anyone.
I was little skeptical initially but once we made sure he was genuine, both of us tried to talk to him and help him out as where he wanted to go, whom did he meet last etc.. He could recollect his friend's name but didn’t have his address or phone number. When we asked if he is married or got any relatives. His reply was ‘I think I got married’!!

Then we asked for his visiting card, id or something, just like a robot he gave his wallet .We found his office id and residential id, so we tried to call his work place first, that happened to reach his own desk. Then we tried to call his home number and no one seemed to pick it up. The young man seemed to be totally lost of his surroundings and to what was going on around him.

By this time it was clear to us that the guy is in some kind of severe mental shock or suffering from some neurological disorder. The poor guy kept on wiping his face and said
‘Romba pasikaradhu. Naan saapittu, thoongi moonu nalaachu, setha thoonginakka ennakku thevailaya poyudum, I will be able to remember’ .

Unlike India we can’t just take him to a hotel or give a soda kind of thing here.
With things going nowhere, we talked with the station manager and metro police, explained the bizarre situation of this guy . Luckily the officer was a nice gentleman who assured us he would take care of this guy.

We returned home really disturbed and worried about that guy. This could happen to anyone, imagine the plight of losing your memory, that too in a foreign country.

Next day we decided to call that guy's home number, this time someone picked up the phone. And to our relief we found out that the guy has reached home safely. The friend/room mate who spoke with us told us that he is now admitted in a hospital, the poor fellow is a
bipolar(manic-depressive), and was doing fine till that time. His friends had lodged a complaint with the police as he has gone missing, since Friday evening. It seems he has been working too hard at work for the past 3 days without rest, and the thing got relapsed. His friend thanked us profusely but we were more relieved and happy to know that he is doing much better now.

Our sincere prayer and wishes goes to that newly married young man.

This is one of most weird and moving incident that has happened to me.

For those who don’t know what is bipolar click

This is very much curable problem with proper medicine and care.
What is needed is to treat such people as normal being with love, care and affection.

Here are some useful Links regarding Bi-Polar disorder symptoms, cure and care

Note: The picture you see here is called The Scream it was drawn by the artist Edvard Munch, who also happens to have suffered from Bi-Polar Disorder.


revo said...

its sad that we havent made so much progress in this field of medicine.

kitchenette soul said...

Its truly scary. Just to think, that the person we call ourselves is actually a bundle of memories, and once that's lost everything is lost. I remember what a senior citizen once told me. He advised each of us to carry our own personal numbers and a card with the numbers of relatives to be contacted in case of an emergency.

Nice of you guys to have done so much.

Adi said...

Hi Ganesh,

I didn't know such a disorder existed. It's scary! Anything seems to happen!

Good you guys helped this guy out. Try being in touch with him regularly. He needs all our possible support.

Ganesh said...

@Revo-yes but everyday is newday for discovery and inventions for science, lets not lose our hope.

@Kitchenette soul -thanks,lets say God/Spirit put us their in the right time to help a fellow human being.


swahilya said...

One of the numerous disorders that exist. Medication is good. But meditation is the ultimate solution.

Ganesh said...

Swahilya true.
Everyone of us should take some time to relax,take it easy what say

Arjuna said...

Very interesting story - reminds me of the film ghajni :) - but poor guy! Hope he is fine now! This shows that we shuld not work hard!

Adi said...

Trust Arjuna to make convenient conclusions! :))

Jo said...

I feel really sorry for that guy. Thank God that he reached into your(and your friend) hands.

I really appreciate you guys for handling this situation promptly and to inquire about him to make sure he is okay.

Ganesh said...

Adi - :)

JO-Thanks, Gods Grace.

Arvind said...

Thank God - very very scary indeedn. Don't work too much Ganesh ;)