Thursday, October 13, 2005

Curry-N-Rice Girl -The Mallu Rap

Folks check this video its funny and creative.
Curry-N-Rice Girl - The Mallu Rap!!
Click here to see the video.
The Mallu rappers are Vikram and Krishna For more info and music visit their webpage


Jo said...

That was funny! I think I've seen this before on TV.

Ganesh said...

yes Jo, hilarious

Prabhu said...

nice links :-(

e website/video kanduttundo ??

Narayanan said...

Thanks for the links..!

Do we have such things in Tamil??

Narayanan said...

Very..Very funny.!! Nice job by these guys.!! I loved it.

Ganesh said...

Prabhu-sure will check that out, nanni.

Narayanan-theriyalai,let me see or you know what we should try something like this, what do you say

IBH said...

Koraya nalu ayile kandu..ethare changes...:)

yeppov, howdy?? me fell sick after NY trip...and came to office only todya..will call u over the week end or on monday for sure! vogey?cya!

Ganesh said...

Mole IBH
Welcome back

nyneishia said...

Lol.. Ganesh !! That was cool.

next neengal tamil la oru video yedunga !!

Swahilya said...

I like the thing that walks on your blog profile.

Ganesh said...

Thanks Swahilya

Nyneishia-pannita pocchu.

nyneishia said...

Sure.. yeppo lendu shooting :))
Seri.. casting ellam decide panni sollunga.

Viji said...

thanks for dropping by.
yes I seem to enjoy biology-blogs more than my hobby of photoblogging.

If you wouldnt mind I should say, the rap song appeared to define the point it conveys a little crudely.
I dont say that the song describes out of the blue rude stuff; but it just dint appear all that funny (especially with some of my friends going through this in their personal lives).
On the other hand, I completely understand that the whole issue can be observed from a jovial point of view - especially when one talks of it as art and artists' freedom to interpret!

Nanyaar? said...

Mallu's roll!!


thennavan said...

Pettai rap maadhiri inge aarambikkanumnaa Desi Rap nu vechchukkalaam illai namma DC gang (mainly Srikanth thalaimaiyila) oru music troupe aarambikkalaamnaa DC Rap nu kooda peru vaikkalaam :-)