Thursday, October 27, 2005

Chennai Flood some updates !!

I just spoke with my sister regarding the flood situation in Madras.

Water seems to be receding now but roads are still dangerous with open manholes, power lines and broken drainages.

As usual those friendly neighbors who have dumped their garbage and ‘other things’ on the street are finding their favor returned back doubly by the flood waters. Yuck !! Exnora sonna padi ketadhane ?!

In KK Nagar, most of the houses are flooded, that includes mine also, the lower portion of our house is completely flooded, water was knee deep in the morning it seems, but has now receded further that’s some good news. Hopefully it doesn't rain again tonight.

Power supply is back in KK Nagar and surrounding areas, but don’t have updates about other parts of the cities. One of the major problem in places like Anna Nagar, K K Nagar, Ashok and Saidapet was the uprooted trees and power lines. Both Aranganathan Subway and Doraisamy Subway were submerged in water, this might have changed by now, I hope.

I searched for other Chennai bloggers for updates couldn’t find many probably because of power outage and other conditions, but still here is few who have updated their blogs

Update 1
Update 2
(Tamil Blog)

Zigzackly has updates and contact numbers for help

Blogger Chandru has started Chennai Help blog that has the latest updates

Swahilya writes about her real life drama of being caught in the flood water.

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