Wednesday, September 14, 2005

A Freaky Day

Due lot of work load and also due to time constraints I haven’t updated my blog for some time now. But two days back something interesting happened, that made me to blog.

It pretty much started as yet another ordinary day, but soon it was getting weirder by the hour. I was thinking about one business call, that was due and haven’t heard from them.
And suddenly my telephone rings and the call was from them. Boy it was kind of spooky. But the fun has just begun.

After sometime, suddenly I remembered about my friend who was suppose to mail me but haven’t when I checked my mail, there was a email from him. After this, few more things happened.

I consider myself a rational person, initially I just dismissed them as coincidence but when things like this happened like 4-5 times in the same day, I don’t know what to say. It was something like straight out of the ‘Twilight Zone’. Every time I thought of someone that person responded to me.

May be it is true that all of us are connected in some way through our thoughts.
Sometimes its better to listen to your intuitions, I have had similar such experiences in the past but nothing like this.
May be I will make a good psychic, what say ?

BTW Folks have anyone used GIZMO ? Is it better than Skype ?

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