Thursday, September 01, 2005

Faith !!

This is my first attempt at quick tale or short tale. So here it goes ...

Raj prayed everyday for his sons cure, for his son got this terminal disease.
Next week his son’s important surgery is coming up.He believed his faith in God will not go waste.

Roja never cared for anything more than money and career. To her everything else is secondary, money!! Money!! Is her mantra. She reluctantly agreed for this trip with her friends only because her client office was also accessible.

Then it happened, the risky surgery didn’t go as expected and Raj lost his son.

Roja and her friends met with a fatal accident, it was a direct collision with a truck.
Everybody died in that accident except for herself.

She survived but that left her with this question Why Her ? How did she survived when others couldn’t. She got a new faith and is a believer now. She frequents to temples and practice meditation.
Even donates to charities and orphanages.

Raj couldn’t get over his only sons death his prayers and questions went unanswered.
How could God be so cruel ?.
Such cruel God can never exist..
His faith and time was all a waste he affirmed to him self .
And He threw away all his holy books and faith articles on to the dustbin.

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