Friday, August 19, 2005

Spiritual Blogs

Sorry folks no updates in between, I was down with cold and sinus. I am still suffering from Sinus. Sinus can be such a painful affair. Especially if you are a singer, it’s the worst thing to have. It will be atleast another week before I can start working on my audio blog and musical journeys.

Anyway, I came across few indibloggers who blog so beautifully about spirituality , thought I would share them with you. These blogs focuses mainly on Sanathana Dharma.

So here is the list in no particular order

Parasherer – Talks about relevance of religion in this fast and modern world.

Padmasini – Talks about higher purpose of classical music. As means for spiritual attainment through Nada Yoga

Swahilya – She talks about all aspects of yoga – concentration, meditation and importance of our food and thoughts.

Kasthuri Srinivasan – Talks about Vedanta and relevance of it to science. As spirit of both is in pursuit of truth.

Agni Bharathi – Its all about Divine Mother Sri Lalitha.

Arujna Speaks- Lots about Krishna and religion in general. (No wonder with his name being Arjuna it is only natural to have affliction towards his Divine Friend ;))

Aham Brahmasmi – About Music and Divinity.

T J Nathan – Religious events and their significance.

Anand Ramamoorthy – All about Sri Vaishnavam.

If I have missed out anyone let me know. It will be nice if we can have one blog for spirituality, with contributions from these bloggers. This way we don’t have to blog hop for spiritual articles.

PS: If anyone of you have any 'patti vaidhyam' or 'kai vaidhyam' tips for sinus let me know.

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