Friday, July 15, 2005

Marooned on an Island along with Shri Illayaraja’s Music collection!!

Long time back Senthil tagged me on the music topic. So here it is, If I am really marooned on an Island will I be listening to music or fighting to stay alive?!
Anyway assuming basic necessities is taken care of, I am selecting these songs to take care of gamut of emotions that I will go through. Human mind as it is crazy, imagine all alone that too in an island. It is sure to go bonkers after some time so to keep my sanity I will be listening to these...


Like to begin my morning with these songs

1) Janani Janani
Movie:Thai Moogambikai

Amazing song based on Kalyani Raga. Adhi Shankara’s beautiful
Soundarya Lahari and with devotional voice of Illayarja, will help me to be in deep meditative state.

2) Innarul Tharum
Movie: Aathma

T. N. Seshagopalan Sir has sung it amazingly, great song set to ever beautiful Durga /Suddha Saveri ragam, amazing song, gives me goose bumbles. And this is the only song he has sung for Illayaraja.
This song is all about bhakti rasa and hope for marooned soul.
(Tidbit – Sukumari song from Anniyan is also based on same ragam)

3) Amudhe Thamazihe (Koyil Pura) – To be proud as a tamilian even in God forsaken Island. Seriously speaking this is one of the best compositions of Illayaraja set to ragam Valachi.

4) Poonkathave
Movie: Nizhalgal
Great song with soothing melody. Amazing singing by Deepan Chakravarthi and Uma Ramanan,.
The song is based on Mayamalava Gowla ragam nice way to begin the day.
Best fusion of western classical and carnatic music.


5) Thumpi va thumpakkudathin
Movie:Olangal (Malyalam)

What an awesome song, this one song is enough for me to get through the day in the sandy beach. I will build my own sand castles. Man, some amazing bass runs on this song. The song is based on Kapi ragam.

6) Kathal Oviyam
Movie Name: Alaigal Oivathilai

Its all about love and harmony.

7) Paruvame Puthiya

Movie Name: Nenjathai Killathe
A nice song to relax, enjoy and for jogging along sandy beach

8) Illamai etho (Naan than sakala kala!!) - folks, I need to move around don’t want to be lazy on the island. So like Homer Simpson I will do my “Whoo Whoo” crazy disco thing. But what is the point of film vuttufying in no mans land hmm correction no girls land ;).
Man this song is so hip even after these many years, classic Disco music.
SP Bala Sir, Best kanna Best!!.


I will be lonely watching a great sunset ;) but these songs will keep me in spirit.

9) Ithu Oru Ponmaalai
Movie: Nizhalgal

Best way to enjoy a sunset with parrots and cuckoos on the island.

10) Kadhalin Deepam

Movie Name : Thambiku Endha Ooru

This is one of those ever green romantic songs. I guess a beautiful sunset on a beach does evoke romantic thoughts!! ;)

10) Andhi Mahazai pozhikiradhu
Movie: Raaja Paarvai

What a beautiful song, it is based on carnatic raag vasantha, which is such a romanatic ragam and what better song can be there to face the dusk.

11) Agaya Gangai
Movie: Dharma Yuddham

It’s all about romance.
This is vintage Raja Sirs music. It has shades of both ragam Madhyamavathi and Bhrindavana Saranga

12) Agaya Vennilave
Movie: Arangetra Velai

Finally with moon and star lighting up the sky, this is the perfect song I would like to hear and sing too. Again a semi classical kind of song set to dharbari kanada ragam. Yesudas and Uma Ramanan have rendered this song so beautifully.


Lullaby time: Time for sleep what better songs than these

13) Kanne Kalai Mane / Surmayee Ankhiyon Me
Movie: Mundram Pirai/Sadma

Yesudasji’s soothing voice and the music will make me forgot everything and be at peace. Great lyrics by Late Sri Kannadasan, I guess his last song for Illayaraja before he passed away.

14) Chinna Chinna Roja Poove
Movie: Poo Vizhi Vasalile
The song just touches your heart. Sri Yesudas singing brings out the emotions so beautifully.

Being alone an island this song, the breeze and the waves will put me in a melancholic mood.

15) Thulli Thulli / Suvvi Suvvi Suvvalamma
Move: Chippikul Muthu/Swathi Muthyam

Such a beautiful song, set to carnatic ragam Madhyamawati. SPB and Janaki at their best.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, oh time to wake up.

Ok back to reality, it’s so tough to pick out few songs when you have so many great songs of Illayaraja. I have left out so many of them.

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Note: Click on the song name to listen to the song.


Raj said...

Nice pick..

Pl. note that 'Amudhe Tamizhe' is based on Rasika Ranjani and not on Valaji.

RR's structure is:sa ri1 ga3 pa dha2 Sa/Sa dha2 pa ga3 ri1 sa while Valaji follows sa ga3 pa dha2 ni2 Sa/Sa ni2 dha2 pa ga3 sa.

Raaja sir is the first musician to have used this ragam in film music.This raag is called as Vibhas in Hindustani music.
Other songs in Rasika Ranjani include 'Neela Kuyile'(Magudi) and 'Edhilum Ingu Iruppan'(Bharati).

As a Raaja-bhakta, I request you to listen to 'Engengo Sellum' and ''Kanavu Ondru Thondruthe' as well.I am sure you will like these..

Nandini Rajagopalan said...

Excellent choice! each one of these songs are gems from Ilayaraja