Saturday, July 30, 2005

Manhattan Weekend !!

Last week I went to my cousin’s place in New York. She lives in uptown of Manhattan. For the first time I drove into Manhattan, usually when I visit I take path and metro. Somehow it went smooth.
The thing that drove me crazy is the toll, Jeez, right from Baltimore all the way to the Lincoln Tunnel, I kept paying toll after toll about 20 odd dollars. By the time I reached Lincoln Tunnel, I ran out of cash. I asked the toll booth guy if he would take debit or credit card, with hundreds of cars and buses behind me no pressure there.

Anyway he gave me one pitiful look and asked to just go!! Good for me, saved 6 bucks there and avoided a major road rage from fellow drivers. Managed to get through that crazy traffic. Now driving through the 42nd street, it can be quite an experience. My cousin has this wonderful apartment next to the Hudson River and the view was just awesome. The rent for the apartment ?! I leave that to your imagination.
I managed to take few pictures in between the signals :). The soccer field and bridge you see here, is taken from my cousins apartment.

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