Tuesday, July 26, 2005

DC Hot Hot !!

[Pic Courtesy Marvin Joseph, www.washingtonpost.com]
Holy Moly, Its really getting hot here.
The moment you step outside , the heat wave just hits you out. And add some humidity to it . DC veyill is giving Madras Veyyil a run for it’s money.
Today the highest temperature is 37C but due to heat index it feels like 39C. But tomorrow it’s going to be even worse, the weather report says it will be around 36C but will feel like 43C.

And I was just wondering about being at Madras during the summer time, looks like I don’t have to go to Madras. Anyway,
Arvind and myself just had our lunch at a nice Thai restaurant which is just few blocks by our office. The food was good , the only bad part was that their A/C has gone south, so its like having food at Saravana Bhavan in non-A/C section. Hopefully we should have some rains coming in to cool off things.

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