Sunday, July 10, 2005

DC Desi Bloggers Meet – A Rewind

Boy o Boy, yesterday’s DC Desi blogger’s meet was so much fun. Even thinking about it is giving me hiccups!

DC DESI rhymes just like my old favorite Rock Band AC/DC. It’s a loud rock band with full of energy and well known for their mammoth power-chord roar. Same way our first meeting was loud, fun and casual from the word go. I mean people weren’t showing any inhibitions.
Just as Shiva and Raman said it was like college alumni get-together.

Rettaival Rengudu, that’s the name I am giving to podiyan Aravind started his usual jokes and making fun, as he served the volley both Robbie, Senthil warmed up to that. Soon the three musketeers were tagging against me along with others, but it was all fun and such a laugh riot.

We were telling jokes and laughing so loud few Mamas and Mamis kept starring at us.

One person who sat next to us, was soon so involved in our conversation was laughing to every joke Aravind was telling, guys I guess you all missed that. I am sure he wasn’t laughing at the idlies he was eating?!! , the food at Shiva Vishnu temple as we all know is very good.

The only person we missed was Srikanth who is still in India enjoying his summer vacation and also busy with his new album H1Bees.

The first blogger I met in person was Aravind, whose office happens to be opposite to my office. And both Raman and Eshwar are his office colleagues.
I knew both Robbie and Srikanth much before I started blogging so they don’t count. Next person I met in person was Senthil. Just as his blog title Jack of All, the man can talk about everything under the sun.
Every time myself, Robbie and Senthil got together it was all debates about movie, politics, science and what not.

The next person to meet in person was famous Indi blogger Mukund aka Thennavan.
It’s interesting, since thennavan’s office colleague happens to be my close friend also.
And one more interesting thing is that he is also from Vivekananda College Mylapore,Madras.
So when I met him over a nice dinner, it was all about college life.

Finally I met Raman, Shiva and Eshwar yesterday at the SSVT.
Eshwar was very quiet; Shiva just like his title Sweet Karam Coffee was on the roll with the crowd.

Raman chipped in with his delightful inputs, were having lots of fun.

So guys we need to have the next bloggers meet once Srikanth comes back.

One more interesting thing was that everybody is from Tamil Nadu. So it was more like Pachiappa’s college meet ;)
(Any Pachiappans out there no ill-will, I say that with respect)

Aravinda as usual you take the lead, but vaal payaa, next time unnakku than appu ;) Kapish?!

For those who are all eagerly waiting for the pictures, Senthil will upload it ;)

Ippo Naan Vidaren Jute!!

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Panchappan said...

Your post is hilarious! I found some desi comic strips in the same vein of humor at Check it out!