Friday, July 22, 2005

Ah Aah – A R Rehman is back with Bang !!

I just finished listening to Ah Aah Songs.
This is what I feel, If MJ is King of Pop, ARR is King of Indian Film Music period.

I am just amazed at this man’s ability to bring out new sounds every time, and proves why is a class apart from others. There are total of 6 songs in the album. And all are fresh and you get hooked onto it. I am not going to review each and every song . This is more of a personal take rather than a review since musical taste is all very subjective.

But I will say this , there is a groovy rhythm mela in each and every song . Of course the best one in this album and my personal favorite is Rehmanji rendering of ‘Aararai Kodi Perkalil’. I just can’t seem to get this song out of my mind!!

I am sure for months to come this song is going to be in everyone’s lips. The album is also lighted by ever green voice of S P Bala, Chitra chechi and 70 year old young man Vali Sir’s lyrics and new voices.
The album has all Rehmanji’s signatures all over it; beautiful synth flushes, exhilarating beats and totally new sounds, this time he has also used lot of trance techno sounds.
So go get yourself the CD and go ‘Ah Aah’ !!

PS: My sincere thanks to everyone for your overwhelming response to my audio blog. I will upload better quality version of my song as soon as possible.

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