Monday, June 20, 2005

I have been Tagged... Again !!

I have been tagged by Saryana Kishore so here it goes...

Three Names I Go By:

Gunku Gunsu Gannubhai (Senthil has given this namakarnam)

Three Screen Names: Ganesh’s Corner that's all

Three Physical Things You like about Yourself:

Folks don’t you find this too personal that too on the net…

But anyway I am sharing something
my voice (I am a good singer ;) ) soon will upload something (unga ellarayum kashtapadutha vendama)

the next one is as told by others and my better half
My curly hair and boyish face (he! he!)
Third one is too personal so... (beat it)

Three Physical Things You Don’t Like About Yourself: (vambu pudicha velai)
Boyish face (oru dharam, rendu dharam moonu dharam) done.
One more thing I don’t' like is people giving too much importance to skin color,
Even though I am fair skinned (I didn’t have anything to do with it), I hate it when people appreciate beauty by skin tone. I know many beautiful people with darker skin tones but with excellent features.

Three Things That Scare Me
With God by one’s side there is nothing to fear!!

Three Things I Want To Do Badly Right Now
Prepare for Microsoft certification.
Workon on my composing and Singing.

Three Places I Want To Go On a Vacation:
The above 2 I missed didn’t go when I had the opportunity :(

Three Kiddy Names I Like: Dhruv, Ghanshyam, Madhuri.

Three Things To Do Before I Die:

Keep singing
Compose and Release my own album with my friends SriRam Gangadhar, Sangeetha Sivakumar , Chinmayi (hope you are reading this !! :) and my cousin Sitara (amazing singer, she is just 13 years old and has won many awards in Trivandrum, Kerala.)

And finally find the true meaning of this life (birth) what's the point of reading spiritual books, Autobiography of an yogi etc when one cannot do anything towards it. (Sorry for being too philosophical but it's the truth)
This one beats everything isn’t' it.

Total Number of Films I Own on DVD/Video: 35?
The last film(s) I bought:The incredibles, I Robot, Troy.

Three of Your Everyday Essentials: Food, Water and Clothes.

Three Things You Are Wearing Right Now:
Tee Shirt
Indoor Slippers.

Three People Who Have To Take This Quiz:
Kaleidoscope (Got you, can't escape with a photo ;)


So now I am done... ;)

PS: Tag game getting kind of boring and lame now. So, no more tags please.

BTW click on the Sriram Gangadhar and Sangeetha's link to listen to their songs.

Peace !!

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