Thursday, May 26, 2005

Real Men Cook !!

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Folks I was wondering how come some of the best chefs around the world happen to be men and not women. Even in our Hindu Mythology the best cooking is always called ‘Nalabagam’, after the lover boy of Damyanthi.

Be it traditional south Indian meals all the way to Italian, men seem to rule the cooking world. No offence meant to women folks. (I better say this now, otherwise my evening meals will be cut ;) ). It’s always the Chellappas and ‘bam bam’ Emeril Lagasse(s).

There are always some exceptions like Julia Child and Alice Waters.

I don’t know how in the world men came to dominate this cooking business.

I can already hear my wife saying ‘yes dear that’s amazing and I am truly looking forward to taste your ‘samayal’ and don’t forget to cleanup ‘. ;(

Yet we have this saying ‘way to men’s heart is through his stomach’.

I don’t know about India but at least here in US and Europe it is one of the best paid professions. These folks have their own television shows, products and markets. And get inducted into the culinary hall of fame.

Now if you are wondering why am I bringing all this up. I will let the cat out of the bag.

My family is going to spend their summer vacation in India next week, which means I have to do the cooking, dishwashing and cleaning.
So I am just trying to say “hey look at the brighter side that men are better cooks and real men cook” !!

So what about you ? Are you man enough to cook.?!

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