Thursday, May 19, 2005

Circus is in Town !!

Cole Bros Circus

Few weeks back we had Cole Bros Circus in our town. I went for the show with my family.
I was equally excited as my daughter :), It was her first Circus show.
I was hoping to see some Tigers, Bears and Elephants and ofcourse the usual Jokers and gymnasts.
They didn’t have any animals except for few felines and canines. But the show was still good with some excellent variety items like Chinese Acrobats, Aerial Motocycle, Human Canon and so on.
The Tent Circus is a dying art only few left all over the world.
I don’t know whether our Gemini circus is still around.
PETA and other animal's right activist have been aggressively scrutinizing every move of Circus management; many of the Circuses all over the world have stopped using animals totally.
Anyway as soon as I entered the tent and saw all those ropes and nets,
I was reminded of my child hood favorite movie Parakkum Pavai, starring MGR and Smt. Saroja Devi the entire movie is about Circus family. Those where the days !! :)
If you are still wondering why none of the modern circus aren't using animals anymore, just click on this link to learn more.
I took these pictures using my Kodak cx7430


Ram.C said...

hi..thanks for blogrolling me..

the word "previous" (heading of your posts) is coming along with my name...

hope you are correcting in your template....

sen said...

parakkum pavaiya??.Ganesh this identifies that you grown old. aboorava sagaotharargal gyabagam vaaralaya :).
cliking on your name in my comment section said ... profile not available??.check it out.

Ganesh said...

ha haha senthilu senthilu
last week dhan Aboorva sagaotharargal paarthen
irundhalum, circusella trapeez actellam andha padathuladhan neriya varum, i saw AS during my college days so
I am not that old :)

thennavan said...

I have never been to a circus in this country. Maybe when I have my own family, perhaps :-0

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Circuses are always fun. I take my kids to circuses here. Chinese acrobatics are amazing.

PETA checking.! Umm interesting.
Sometimes I feel sad for the Animals.

Your camera is good Kodak 7430. I read good reviews about it.

ROBBIE said...

Whats happening with you brother? No blogs recently and no interesting thoughts to munch on? Please do keep the creative juices flowing