Thursday, May 12, 2005

China's software industry overtakes India and Korea?!!

I recently saw this news on Times of India and China website that china’s software industry was worth 230 billions Yuan (US$ 27.8 billion) in 2004 and Chinese software industry has increased 2.8 times, exceeding that of India and Korea.
This announcement was made at a press conference for the Ninth International Software Exposition (International Soft China 2005). Most of Indian Dailies carried this news, but nothing much was said about how true these numbers are. Indian media seems to have unanimously accepted these figures without any questions since it came from Chinese Government.

It is known in the software industry that India writes 60% of the world’s financial software. There are also numerous companies in India employing thousands of people. There enough credible resources to verify the Indian software success unlike the Chinese claim.

We have NASCOMM and sites like that give you pretty much every detail about Indian software industry.

But the same cannot be said about Chinese Industry. How many sizable software companies are in China? How many international software companies are there? How many decent software products are made in China?

I came upon this local daily called ‘The Epoch Times’ published from DC, in which Mr. Gao Ling raises all these valid questions.


sen said...

I think most of them know that the numbers are manipulated, that's why lot of people didn't give importance.None of china's figures are exact from economy growth rate to these.

thennavan said...

Ange takeover nadakkaratho illaiyo, inge oru takkar post kidakkuthu ChennaiCentral le (with your name also on it) :-)

Ram.C said...

hi, couldn't visit last week, eventhough I am watching your kknagar kirukkan blog regularly.

how do you manage two families like this, man?? Initially, I started two - one for general and another for cinema.. and merged later.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

We have to thank the British for giving us English.

One reason / Main reason why china isn't able to compete with India in the software field is English.

I know of a lot of companies that outsourced to China and later sent it to India, because they couldn't undertand what the chinese said in the Teleconference/ phones.

Its only a question of time. China has already realized its weakness.
I hear that English is taught in schools now more aggressively.