Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Angels and Demons

I recently read the much talked about book -
Angels & Demons by Dan Brown.
This is a prequel to the famous Book Da Vinci Code, which I haven’t read yet.
The book is a real page turner with many interesting characters.
And Dan Brown often mixes myth and realities together, the places and some of the history are very real. He has put in lot of research into the book.
We get many interesting information about the secret society called Illuminati, The history of Vatican City these are real and interesting.
And same goes with that of CERN and
Anti matter the currently debated topic. If you are wondering what CERN is?
It’s an European Organization for Nuclear Research, the world's largest particle physics centre. Here physicists come to explore what matter is made of and what forces hold it together.

For those who haven’t read the book, do not worry I am not going to reveal anything :)
The story is similar to Indiana Jones movie series. The main character Robert Langdon, a Harvard Symbologist has many similarities with Indiana Jones.
He goes through a rollercoaster ride where he has to deal with ancient brotherhood, a devastating new weapon of destruction and finally an unthinkable target.
Apart from being mystery adventure, Dan Brown also deals with some complex and often asked question of will Science and Religion ever make peace with each other instead of being at opposite sides. It may be true in Western part of the world where Science and Religion has always been at odds, but in the eastern religions there seems to have been no such conflicts.
In fact in India some of those sciences have been called as Sastra.
Even though we had more liberal view of science not much has been achieved in science is a shame.
The book gives lot of insight into Vatican architecture and symbols, the description are so real, you feel you are right there with the hero of the story.

And the story has some unpredictable twist towards the end and finally grand finale; overall I enjoyed this book thoroughly and highly recommend it.

Finally there are some points in the book where Dan Brown got it wrong.
Dan Brown mentions Hatha Yoga as ancient art of meditation by Buddhist, its actually
'Sage Patanjali' who wrote and consolidated the yoga principles. And one more is ‘Pranayama’, which Dan Brown mentions as concentration through eyes; whereas Pranayama means control of breath it’s done for concentration that finally leads to Samadhi a meditative state.

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Aarthi said...


Speaking of authors like Dan Brown, you should read Umberto Eco's "name of the rose"...he is the original man who wrote about Renaissance Church Thrillers...more academic and recondite though than Dan Brown, Umberto Eco is for any serious reader of fiction.


Vidya said...

Yeah..Got to read this book sometime back...Awesome book..I pondered upon so many questions after reading this...A very interesting train of thoughts went thru me :)...Im reading Deception point now!!!


Saranya Kishore said...

read the Da Vinci Code. COuld not put it down! :)
Was so engrossed in it, I bought the book from B&N and then returned it after finishing the book! :)

Angels & Demon in the To REad List next.

First time here, nice page bud!